Portable power station 2Е 600W OPS-600 2E-OPS-600

Код товару: 2E-OPS-600
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Type Power station
Rated power, W 600
Real capacity, W/h 576
Real capacity, mAh 160000
Battery type Lithium
Peak power, W/s 1200
Overload, W/s 653
Rated voltage, V 230
Frequency, Hz 50
Input DC5.5*2.1: 5-24.5 V/2-5 A, 122.5 W (Max.)
DC5.5*2.1: Solar Attached, 100W (Max.)
Type-C1: PD100W (Max.)
Support Type-C+DC Input 200 W (Max.)
Output DC5.5*2.1-1/2/3: 12 -13 V/10 A (Share)
Car Cigar Lighter: 12 -13 V/10 A (Share)
Type-C1: PD100W
Type-C2: PD27W
USB-A1/A2: 5 V/2.1 A
LED lighting, W 11
LED lighting, lm 8800-1320
Continuous illumination, h 52
Solar charger Support 100W solar panels with DC5.5 port
Operating temperature -10 °С – +40 °С
Package contents Power station, 98W AC adapter (with AC cable), Type-C cable (30 cm Type-C to Type-C), car charging cable (DC5.5x2.1 socket), manual
Dimensions, mm 258х212х249
Weight, kg 6.1
Manufactured China
Warranty 12 months