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In order to be in touch with relatives and friends defending our country as often as possible, to make it easier for them to fulfill their tasks, it is important to provide our defenders with high-quality technical equipment. A portable solar panel is one of the devices that can significantly facilitate life in the field, because it provides the ability to quickly charge almost all USB devices, such as smartphones, cameras, laptops, etc., without being tied to generators, but simply under direct sunlight rays In addition, the design provides two holes for attaching to a backpack or other surfaces.

The model has a power of 36 W and weighs almost 1.5 kg. The folding design and carrying handle makes it easy to transport and use under heavy conditions. The size when folded is 195×360 mm, and when unfolded – 948×360 mm.

Regarding the interface: two USB charging ports for simultaneous charging of two devices at once, a fast USB port using QC 3.0 18W, a USB-C 20W connector with support for the PD protocol (suitable for laptops). In addition, the conversion rate is high at the level of 22-24%. And the coating made of high-quality waterproof nylon will ensure a long service life.

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Type Portable solar panel
Application Batteries, smartphones, tablets, laptops
Power, W 36
Interfaces USB-С 20W (PD3.0, FCP, AFC, QC3.0, Apple2.4)/ USB-A QC 18W (FCP, AFC, SCP, QC3.0, Apple2.4)
Conversion rate 22-24%
Coating material Nylon
Features Two holes for attaching to a backpack or other surfaces, QC support
Dimensions after opening, mm 948X360
Dimensions after closing, mm 195X360
Weight, kg 1.55
Manufactured China
Warranty 24 months
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