New computer desks with height adjustment

New computer desks with height adjustment

The 2E brand has launched new products – motorized computer desks 2E CE118W-MOTORIZED (white) and 2E CE150B-MOTORIZED (black) which minimize the load on the user’s back during prolonged work, studying or hours of gaming sessions and take care of correct posture and spine health.

Desks differ not only in color, but also in size and some other parameters. The tops of both desks are made of durable laminated chipboard. The dimensions of white model are 580×1 180 mm, and for the black model, 750×1500 mm. The 2E CE118W-MOTORIZED can withstand a maximum load of 50 kg, while the 2E CE150B-MOTORIZED is even more robust and is designed for a load of up to 80 kg. So, you can place not only computers on the desks, but also various additional equipment, necessary books, etc.

Almost silent built-in electric motors raise and lower the tops of both desks: one in the white model and two in the black one. Adjustment takes place quickly through special removable control panels that can be placed on the right or left, depending on whether the user is right-handed or left-handed. These panels are equipped with displays that show the set height and are able to memorize various parameters for quick change if necessary.

The desks are powered by the mains, their motors and electronics are securely protected from overload and overheating. The versatile stylish design and convenient functionality allow you to use them at home and in the office, for work both sitting and standing.

It is easy to take care of your own health and to organize your work or play process as comfortably as possible with 2E motorized computer desks.