Shovel bayonet Gloss 2, 2Е, 2E-S70G

Код товару: 2E-S70G

Compact 2E Gloss bayonet shovel made of stainless steel will be a good helper both in the garden when transplanting plants, and when fishing, camping or when performing some household or field work (digging a hole, trench). The shovel is made of stainless steel with a D-shaped plastic handle. Does not require special storage conditions and is not subject to corrosion. The handle edge serves as an additional lever that helps hold the loaded shovel. The weight of the shovel is 950 g, the length is 70 cm. It will not take up much space during transportation and will easily fit in the car trunk. Thanks the blade shape, such a shovel is universal and can be useful not only in the warm season, but also in winter.

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Type Bayonet shovel
Series Gloss
Application For outdoor activities, snow clearing, garden work, plant transplants, fishing, camping, housekeeping, field work
Working part material Stainless steel
Handle material Stainless steel, plastic
Length, cm 70
Blade thickness, mm 2
Weight, kg 0.95
Features D-handle
Warranty 14 days
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