2E Military gloves, Sensor Touch M, Black 2E-MILGLTOUCH-M-BK

Код товару: 2E-MILGLTOUCH-M-BK

Tactical sensor gloves with joint protection will come in handy not only for militaries, but also when riding a motorcycle or traveling on mountain bikes for outdoor enthusiasts. The model is made in universal black color of high-quality materials, so it will serve for a long time and is not polluted.

  • High protection degree
  • "Breathing" of the hands’ skin
  • Wrist protection
  • Special inserts to work with sensor devices
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Size M
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Type Military gloves
Size M
Colour Black
Application area Tactical training, shooting, airsoft, motorbike and mountain bike riding
Material 50% super fiber, 20% wear-resistant fabric, 10% rubber, 10% polypropylene
Features High protection degree , the possibility of breathing for the palms, sewed material allows you to use personal electronic devices
Warranty 12 months
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2 in 1: protection and work with sensor devices

When riding at high speed on an “iron horse”, it is extremely important to protect your hands from the wind, have a secure grip on the handle and generally prevent possible injury. In particular, 2E Sensor Touch gloves are suitable for such needs: protection is provided for the phalanges of the fingers and wrists, “breathable” material is on the palm, adjustable cuffs guarantee a reliable fixation. It provides protection and, at the same time, the gloves do not limit the possibilities, in particular, you can use a smartphone or other sensor devices without removing them, because the fingertips of both gloves (thumb, index, middle) have special inserts.

Quality manufacture for long service life

The model is made in black. Several types of materials are used for the manufacture of tactical gloves: superfiber (50%), wear-resistant canvas (20%), rubber (10%), polypropylene (10%). Due to this combination of components the model is easy to care for and resistant to ultraviolet rays, it has good air permeability and at the same time has low thermal conductivity, rubber inserts protect the gloves from abrasion and mechanical damage. It is not for nothing that the manufacturer preferred polypropylene over leather, because the material does not become slippery when it is wet. All these features guarantee the product durability.